Living the Dream Concierge Services

What are Living the Dream’s Concierge Services?


Living the Dream offers top-of-the-line concierge services to clients so that every stay and experience is both luxurious and simple. With first-class amenities and a comprehensive network of strategic partnerships, Living the Dream’s concierge services help ensure that all clients have a seamless and unforgettable experience.  

Concierge services are necessary when planning a luxurious getaway. With a wide array of factors to consider, it is almost always simpler to let a knowledgeable professional handle the small details of a stay. Living the Dream’s team of dedicated professionals is on hand 24/7 to help with each request and ensure that all clients’ experiences are one to remember.


By taking advantage of these services, you can ensure that you and your other guests can have every need taken care of in a quick and efficient manner, no matter how unique the request. Whether it be something as simple as grocery pick-ups or something as complex as coordinating itineraries, Living the Dream concierge professionals can be on hand to assist you every step of the way.


With customized services offered to all clients, you can always be certain that your needs are being handled in a streamlined and personalized manner. The goal of our dedicated team is to handle every request while also making sure that every detail of your experience is perfected to your liking. For instance, all homes and villas are set up with furnishings particular to each client, allowing guests to feel welcome and comfortable. This helps ensure that every stay is tailored to each guest’s preferences, allowing for a custom and effortless experience.

What Types of Concierge Services are included with Living the Dream?

When working with Living the Dream, clients can always trust that their every need is being handled promptly and efficiently. Living the Dream offers a wide array of services, placing priority on both small and large requests to ensure that each client’s experience is as flawless as possible. From last-minute itinerary changes to coordinating exquisite local experiences, there is nothing that the concierge service team can’t handle! Some examples of services offered to clients include the following:
  • Luxury Car Rentals
  • Coordinating sophisticated yacht experiences
  • Identifying dining hotspots and securing prime reservations
  • Locating the hottest entertainment scene and planning a thrilling experience
  • Stocking the home with requested items
  • Housekeeping services
  • Drop-off and pick-up from airports and other transportation centers
  • Organizing security details and services
  • Reserving top private chefs for personalized meals each day
  • Arranging for catered dinners

These services and many others allow guests to enjoy their experience without having to worry about minute details. Living the Dream believes that clients should only focus on enjoying their company and their experience! Ask the team about any other services, and we can assure you that your wishes will be fulfilled in a prompt manner.

What Makes Living the Dream Concierge Services Different?

Living the Dream sets itself apart by focusing on delivering world-class service to all clients. Guests and clients are like family to our team. This means that every request is handled with the utmost care and respect, with the user always in mind. Our 24/7 services ensure that our team of professionals is available around the clock, allowing us to tackle clients’ needs whenever and wherever they come up. No matter how big or small, our team will treat your needs and requests similar to how we’d treat those of our families and closest friends.

Whether you’re prepping months in advance or juggling last-minute changes, our team makes sure that each of our client’s requests is the highest priority. We want to ensure that all guests can focus on enjoying their experience rather than worrying about small, minor details. Widely regarded as the #1 Full-Service Los Angeles Team, Living the Dream guarantees that your needs are always top of mind, and our team is dedicated to making sure that each request is delivered upon in an efficient and world-class manner.

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